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TEAM - International Relations

Kathryn Richardson
International Communication Counsellor

Kathryn Richardson has a career which incorporates management, entrepreneurialism, communications training and teaching. She began her career in communications and language training with financial institutions in Paris and, in 1987, set up a training company which continues to run programmes in both the UK and France.

In 2002 she joined Southampton University as a lecturer and manager academic and ran the first Law Pre-Sessional and MBA Pre-Sessional courses. From 2006 to 2012, Kathryn was Principal Lecturer at Kings-ton University, London, before joining Queen Mary, University of London, as Chair/Director of the Language Centre. At Queen Mary, she is specifically responsible for exploiting third stream income opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Kathryn was involved in assisting Martine Liautaud to set up the Women Business Mentoring Initiative in 2010, and undertakes international responsibilities for the association.