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ROLE of the Steering Committee

Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC), together with the Board of Directors, determines the strategy and development of the women entrepreneurs’ mentoring initiative. The Steering Committee is responsible for four main areas:

  • Strategy development : the Steering Committee, together with the Board, is responsible for the growth of the WBMI, presents development plans for the success of the Mentoring Programmes, and devises the marketing and public relations needed to promote the WBMI.
  • Selection of Mentees from the application process: the Steering Committee establishes the selection criteria. In order to respond to the changing needs of Mentees and business projects, the Steering Committee asks both Mentors and Mentees to complete an evaluation form at the end of each mentoring period.
  • Development of the skills bank: the members of the Steering Committee are chosen both for their talents and successes as well as for their complementarity. The Steering Committee aims to extend its network to all those – individuals, societies and institutions – which can partner the WBMI in France and internationally.
  • Follow up of the mentoring pair: the Steering Committee does not intervene in the relationship of trust established between the Mentor and the Mentee, but it is available as further support if required. The Steering Committee can also, if need be, appoint a mediator for the two parties.