WBMI - Women Business Mentoring Initiative
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“As a company manager, I know how important it is to have someone with whom you can speak freely, without constraints, on a range of subjects and sometimes to receive advice.”

Eve Magnant, Mentor

“Mentoring is not for beginners. You have to find the right method for each person and each company. The mentor sees what he can bring to the relationship depending on his own experience. Mentoring is really a customized activity.”

Jean-Jacques Bérard


The members

Martine Liautaud

Monique Chézalviel

Jean-Jacques Bérard

Jean-Louis Duquesnoy

Philippe Favre

Dominique de la Garanderie

Annie Kuntzmann-Combelles

Dominique Maire

Eve Magnant

Laetitia Gazel-Anthoine

Evelyne Platnic-Cohen

Laurent Kocher

Nathalie Wright

Roy Camblin