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MENTORS - Roy Camblin

“As a company manager, I know how important it is to have someone with whom you can speak freely, without constraints, on a range of subjects and sometimes to receive advice.”

Eve Magnant, Mentor

“Mentoring is not for beginners. You have to find the right method for each person and each company. The mentor sees what he can bring to the relationship depending on his own experience. Mentoring is really a customized activity.”

Jean-Jacques Bérard


Roy Camblin

Roy Camblin divides his time between San Francisco, Paris, and New York, where he has been a senior executive in the stock brokerage, banking, and high tech industries with pacing organizations like Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo Bank, Oracle, and Citibank. Over the past decade he has either led or advised a number of start-ups as well. His specialty in all these endeavors has been transformation—providing the vision and leadership at the individual, organizational, and community levels to effect major change, often under very difficult circumstances. His primary passion is people, touching other lives, helping individuals and communities fully actualize their true potential. He has an uncanny talent for seeing beyond current circumstances to what may be possible, and has the communication and motivational skills to get people engaged in that journey, making it their own.