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MENTORS - Eve Magnant

“As a company manager, I know how important it is to have someone with whom you can speak freely, without constraints, on a range of subjects and sometimes to receive advice.”

Eve Magnant, Mentor

“Mentoring is not for beginners. You have to find the right method for each person and each company. The mentor sees what he can bring to the relationship depending on his own experience. Mentoring is really a customized activity.”

Jean-Jacques Bérard


Eve Magnant
VP. Corporate Social Responsability Director for Publicis Group

Eve Magnant is VP, Corporate Social Responsibility Director for Publicis Groupe (Third worldwide largest communication and advertising company). Previously, 2002-2008, she was VP. Corporate Communications Director for Publicis Group. She is a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), advises in the Barma Commission and she's Vice-Chair of Commission on Marketing and Advertising.

She joined Publicis in 1991 in charge of communication strategies in various sectors, expert in Corporate communications. She was named Partner of Publicis Consultants in 1996, in charge of Corporate communications and Crisis issues management for many clients, including large international corporations, in many businesses (Food, Health, Agribusiness, Energy, IT/Tel. Com. and Services...).

Before, she dedicated the first 3 years of her career leading public & press relations operations in the fields of Energy & Agribusiness.

Graduate in Executive MBA 2007 (HEC, Paris), Eve Magnant has two Masters Degrees — Political Science & Information Communication (Paris II), and an Industrial Strategy Degree.

Since 1995, she is involved, with several individuals, in short or medium term mentoring or coaching programs, to accompany them in their thoughts and actions for most of the time related with professionai topics (coaching and PLN degrees).