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MENTEES - Murièle Roos

“I’ve been mentored my whole life, and it’s made an incredible difference”

Clara Shih, Mentee

“As an entrepreneur, mentoring is the best help you can get. They can help you avoid some of the big pitfalls that they’ve had and also share the ways that they’ve found success, different approaches they’ve taken, lessons that they’ve learned. They’re also sharing your journey with you, celebrating your successes and sharing your disappointments.”

Abigail Holsborough, Mentee


Muriele Roos, Founder of Femme Majuscule

Company profile
  • Founding Publisher of Femme Majuscule, a bi-monthly magazine aimed at women aged 45 and over
  • Sold by subscription to more than 100 000 readers
  • Value proposition: The only magazine in France dedicated to women readers 45+, a rapidly growing demographic

“Many women can’t speak for themselves, so I tell myself that through Femme Majuscule I can be someone who speaks for them. If you really want to change the world, you can’t accept all the male values! I dream of becoming a mentor in my turn, to pass on what I have learned to the next generation.”

Reasons for wanting a mentor

“I needed to make the magazine financially independent and to scale it up. I needed to know if my business model was sound and how I could raise funds.”

“I needed to be more objective, find a new vision and be reassured.”

Benefits of having a WBMI mentor

“My mentor is like a breath of fresh air that inspires me. She keeps an experienced eye on me and gives me the energy I need to keep going. My mentor has opened doors for me, made me meet people. A virtuous circle has been started. For the 2014 anniversary edition I had a lot of reviews in the media and this success is closely linked to my mentor and WBMI. Their care and lack of any vested interest are crucial.”

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