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You are a woman entrepreneur

…and your business is at least 3 years old, You are wondering… about your business organisation; about its commercial development; about your financial strategy; about your management; about the positioning of your business, your products, your services; about your potential for growth etc.

…and you would like some support and advice as you think through these challenges…

You are not alone! Contact : Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI)

For the first time in France, women entrepreneurs can access free mentoring services provided voluntarily by experts.


Applications are welcomed throughout the year at:

email : contact@women-business-mentoring-initiative.com

WBMI is a Martine Liautaud initiative. Martine Liautaud, founder, Chairman and CEO of the investment bank Liautaud & Cie, and Honorary Chairman of the Stanford Business Club, together with alumni of Stanford Business School and a network of specialists in various business sectors, supports women entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses through mentoring programmes provided voluntarily by seasoned professionals and experts. WBMI is a not-for-profit organisation and makes no financial investment.

Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI) – Association Loi de 1901
c/o Liautaud & Cie
13, boulevard Malesherbes - 75008 Paris
Tel : 01 44 56 90 90