WBMI - Women Business Mentoring Initiative
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APPLICATION - Profile of potential Mentees

For every entrepreneur, creating and developing a company is a huge challenge.

But for cultural, social and economic reasons, this challenge is even greater for women; and yet recent studies have shown that companies run by women show, on average, greater returns on investment than those run by men.

This is why the WBMI has chosen to support women entrepreneurs with little experience as CEOs (no age criteria is applied).

We know from experience that becoming an entrepreneur is more than just wanting it, and that one of the first stages is to be committed and to define expectations. This stage is gratifying but requires time and total involvement.

Many women entrepreneurs abandon their business projects in the first three years after founding it – for many reasons – but those who persevere then need support to tackle the subsequent growth and development periods. It is business projects in these 3 year+ growth and development phases that we choose to position our mentoring programme.