WBMI - Women Business Mentoring Initiative
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APPLICATION - Application process

To make the mentoring programme successful, the potential Mentee is required to consider her needs and her expectations of such a programme, and endeavour to define the action steps most important to the development of her business project.

Important: only Mentees whose business projects are led by women, and which have been running for at least 3 years, will be considered; the WBMI has deliberately chosen to prioritise women entrepreneurs with little experience as CEOs. No age criteria is applied.

The potential Mentees must submit their application by completing Page 1 of the 'Application Form' and attaching the supplementary documentation requested on Page 2 of the 'Application Form' together with an 'Executive Summary'.

The applications are examined by the Steering Committee, which will draw up a shortlist of candidates; those on the shortlist are invited to present their business projects and expectations in person to the Steering Committee / Mentors (1 hour). The day after this presentation, the WBMI will inform those who have been selected to join the WBMI Mentoring Programme. Candidates who have not been selected will receive a detailed response and may re-apply at a later date.